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Modern Driving Features You Should Learn

Recent car models has new features that improves the safety and driving experience. When you’re learning to drive, you’d have to be familiar with the uses of these features. If you’re taking driving lessons soon, you should ensure that they have relevant car and cover materials of these features. These are some common driving features you should have.  MRA Som who offer driving lessons in High Wycombe use modern dual controlled cars with many up to date features.

Anti-Lock Braking Features
When it comes to braking system, new car models come with some advancements. You should comprehend how the break work and how to perform it well when driving. Most cars are now manufactured with ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System) either in the front wheels or in all wheels. While it looks similar with the conventional brakes, ABS has extra safety benefits and slightly different effects on how the car would totally stop.
Traction Control
The traction control system is now installed to cars to provide support on stability control. It works electronically and would activate as the road condition challenge the engine torque and throttle that make a wheel spins to much more than the others. This feature allows you to drive more safely and more comfortably in different terrains but it’s still important to learn how you should react once it’s activated.
Lane Departure Warning Systems(LDW)
LDW is a feature to monitor the lane markings of arterial roads or freeways and to detect when your car moving out of the lane. This would alert you when the car shifting the lane unintentionally. As it would be the great assistance when driving, it’s still very important to comprehend how to drive with it and to effectively respond the warning. A driving school and practice would help you to develop your driving discretion.
Driving Monitoring System
There is a lot of information in a driving monitoring system you should comprehend. You might have been familiar with common monitoring features like speedometer, temperature, odometer, hand brake sign, but there might be more indicators to learn in newer cars. The system help you monitoring the actual driving performance, so it’s crucial to be proficient on the information provided and on how to respond it.
New Multimedia and Infotainment System
Manufacturers are on race bringing the newest multimedia and infotainment features to their cars. These include hands-free infotainment, voice commanding, wireless players, and many more. It may allow you to access GPS, get actual information about the destination or terrain, or control functions and performance of the car. When it’s related to driving assistance, you should learn how these system actually work and assists you when driving. Without a proper comprehension prior to driving, these features could be distractions.
Other Features
It’s very important to acknowledge other features in the car you want to drive like airbag, autonomous controls, emergency brake assist, and so forth. Whenever possible, take a driving lesson that cover comprehensive automotive features. It’s also advisable to take additional sessions to improve your proficiency on these features. Reputable driving schools updates their curriculum and services to suit modern driving features.

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