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Just Got Your Driving License? Avoid These Mistakes

Getting a driving license is an undoubtedly amazing experience for new drivers. Multiple sessions and tests to take not mention long waiting and anticipation make driving licenses as a personal achievement and excitement for new drivers. However, many new drivers make mistakes as they’re in the excitement of getting the driving licenses. They forget about what they’ve learned in driving school and get into trouble or even accidents.

If you’ve just got your driving license, please avoid these mistakes:


Many new drivers express their excitement of getting the license by speeding up through on the roads or highway. Some of them with luxury SUV or sports car push the throttle uncontrollably. They ignore the speed limit and safety measures that they’ve actually learned and done in the driving lessons and tests. With minimum driving experiences on the road, many of these new drivers get into serious accidents only days after their driving licenses issued.

Ignoring Defensive Driving Principles

Aside from speeding, many drivers also ignore defensive driving principles including  Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute or known as IPDE as taught by Bedford driving school for Bedford driving lessons. They neglect to recognize the driving hazards and be unable to respond to the problems properly including holey road, nearby vehicles, road lines, and so forth. As they don’t pay attention to these dangers, they have less even no defense while driving. That’s why many(even not most) road accidents involve new drivers.

Taking Too Many Passengers

Many new drivers feel obligated to celebrate new licenses with their friends. The driver takes too many passengers in their car. Not only it makes the car overload, but the driver could potentially lose their concentration as joining the crowd. These increase the risk of car crash accident significantly and it could fatal when happened. On the other hand, the driver tends to speed up and to ignore defensive driving principles.

Driving at Close Proximity with Other Car

As you enter the road, you’d drive along with other cars and it could be many of them. Your driving instructors in driving lessons should have warned you to keep the safe proximity with other cars. Many car crashes happened as drivers fail to keep safe distances. The basic theory is to put three seconds of distance between your car and the one in front of you once you’re reaching 50 mph. Once go up further, add one second per 10mph increase. However, adding more distance is way safer.

Ignoring Safety Measures

From not wearing a seatbelt to not neutralize the gear when parking, many safety measures are ignored by new drivers as they receive the license. Not only of these mistakes violate the law, but these could also increase the risk of accidents. Buckling seatbelt only takes a few seconds to complete but it can save your life and it’s a mandatory safety measure every driver should obey. Even you’re going to the next block, ensure you apply the safety measure you’ve learned in the driving school.