How many points do you get for speeding?

If you have got caught by a speed camera or have received an NIP through the post you probably want to know the answer to the question “How many points for speeding?“!

The answer will of course vary depending on your circumstances. If you have only gone slightly over the speed limit it is likely that you will get fewer points and a smaller fine than if you have gone significantly over the speed limit. Although there are sentencing guidelines in place, the court does have some flexibility as to the level of fines you will get and how many points will go on your UK driving licence. Of course if you are a foreign licence holder, you will not get points on your overseas driving licence.

Of course the best way to avoid getting points on your licence is to avoid speeding in the first place. Its 2021, not the dark ages! Drive responsibly with care and attention to other road users. Speeding is a major factor in the majority of road traffic collisions in the UK – so quite simply – keep to the speed limit. Then you won’t get points on your licence for speeding and have less chance of injuring another road user.