Drive Confidently

Learn to drive

When you pass your driving test you want to be a safe and confident driver. So where better to get your driving lessons in Portsmouth than with Drive Confidently Driving School.

For someĀ  young people learning how to drive is an imperative life changing experience. Having that driving licence in their wallet opens the way to greater independence. However younger newly-qualified drivers have the highest levels of road traffic collisions.

Helping learner drivers

As a parent, you can play and dynamic and critical job in your youngster’s driving lessons. Here are some tips to impartĀ  to be better, more safe drivers.

  1. Wear your safety belt at all times in the car. Safety belts work since they convey powers from an accident over the chest and pelvis, probably the most grounded pieces of the body. With the goal that belt could mean the contrast between getting minor injuries versus your body flying into the windscreen.
  1. Put the mobile phone away: Don’t utilize telephones at all while driving. The physical, visual and subjective diversion prompts hazardous driving and builds the chances of an accident. Prior to starting the vehicle, have your learner switch off his telephone and put it in the glove box. In the event that they have to utilize the telephone, instruct them to stop at a location a cell phone won’t be a risk to themselves or to other street clients.
driver siting in a car and steering wheel