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Learning to drive and get the freedom of the road is one of the most liberating achievements you can have. Wherever in the world you live, driving lessons are a great way to help you to get that freedom. Most countries have some form of process that you need to go through to get your full drivers licence. If you need to obtain your UK driving licence find out about driving lessons at The Driving Authority. Once you’ve gained your driving licence you will need to get a car and if you are just a bit short of cash then a car loan 4 u maybe just the thing you need to help you to get on the road.
Learn to drive

Driving licence

Before you can take driving lessons or learning to drive, in most countries you must have a provisional driving licence. It’s required by UK’s law that you may not drive on the road before taking passing your driving test without a provisional licence –  so it’s clearly not an optional step to take if you want to get your full driving licence in the UK. You can apply for the provisional licence online or at a post office.

Intensive Driving Courses

When learning to drive you could the option of an intensive driving course, also popularly known as a “crash course” (although a crash is the last thing you need!) where you take driving lessons in bulk in order to pass the driving test more quickly than weekly driving lessons. An intensive driving course usually allows you to extend the lessons and/or deepen particular skills to help you to drive confidently with your instructor. Unlike the weekly lessons, the crash course in driving lessons usually follows the student’s individual schedule and offers a pre-designed lesson plan to meet your needs, availability, and budget.

Theory Test

EU law requires every country to have a theory test. The theory test examines and assesses your reactions towards possible hazards while driving on the road as well as your knowledge and understanding of the Highway Code. There are two parts to the theory test covering those two main aspects. You can use recommended apps on the Google paly store to help you to learn for the theory test.